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Online comments after Castres v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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A solid start. Some excellent ball handling and a variety of plays. Losing Sexton then Nacewa showed frailties in our inexperienced backline and Castres exploited this (helped by 17 missed first-half Leinster tackles?) We were punished with too many basic errors, wasted opportunities especially against 14 men and overall we lacked enough coherence for the win. We were tested tonight but it should just be enough to scrape home a ¼ final berth. More to come though I feel 😎😉😎

Joe Sheppard

Battled well against a Castres team who never gave up. Missed too many tackles and missed a few opportunities but after losing some key players we still hung on. Might be a blessing being knocked off top spot. Montpellier and Toulon could finish 7th and 8th.

Colin Campbell

Fair play to Castres, they brought it when everyone expected them to roll over. Bit disappointed with error count, very sloppy at times. But big character shown considering we lost Sexton and Nacewa to hang in there and keep scrapping. Obv hope results go our way and we get a home QF but we still have a QF all the same.

Denise O'Brien

Ross Molony should be breathalysed. Tracy should stand facing the stands and throw the ball into the line out over his head. We'd at least have a 50% chance of winning a line out then.
Luke McGrath played himself out of any chance of a 6 nation call up.
Over all very poor performance compared to other performances this year and still dug deep to get out with a draw.
Loads to look forward to but need to get Carbery back and sexton fit

Chris McDonnell

Hope that this is the off game we need to get through to push us on.

Niall Duffy

Loss of Sexton & Isa made it necessary to regroup but some sloppy play - not bad to have a wake up call for some of the younger players though.

Richard Collumb

Not good enough, we looking like a team that thought they just had to turn up, the two leaders we lost would not have put up with our play in the second half. At least we have a home quarter. (Bar a miracle by Connacht)

Ernie Herterich

This is what happens when you have a couple of matches and you run away with them. We weren't used to a side staying with us all the way.

Andrew Byrne

How many games has Sexton finished in the last two years? Can't help but feel he's running out of time in this game

Jack Hannon

Lol at all the 'fans' slaughtering us....bad day at the office, yes, but still didnt lose an away game and an away game in France at that!! Dust off and go again!!

Jamie Parry

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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Front Five - 22.01.17

Start your day with five eye-catching egg-chasing quotes & links from around the ruggersphere.

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of the BluesTalkTV show next week

"Ever since coming to Connacht, it feels like home."

Brendan Fanning - Irish Independent

Any of the 26,200 fans who wrapped up for Thomond Park expecting to see a bonus point win come easily were soon resetting goals.

Sean Farrell -

“It is not a nice place to be”

Richard Mulligan - Belfast Newsletter

“It’s a great end to the chapter, from where Scottish rugby started in professional rugby and where it is today”

Iain Morrison - The Scotsman

Fofana's absence is a huge blow to Les Bleus

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

BluesTalkTV to celebrate 250th show with live recording at Horse Show House

Bad news....there will be no Leinster or Ireland rugby to enjoy next weekend.  Good news....the lads from BluesTalk TV have stepped in to fill the void.

Every week throughout the season Jason Campbell, David Cahill and John Grainger review the previous weekend's Leinster or Ireland match and look ahead to the next one in their own inimitable fashion.  

On this post you see both parts of their 248th show; number 249 will air during the week, and next Saturday, January 26th, they will be recording number 250 live in the Penthouse Bar of the Horse Show House in Ballsbridge.

If you'd like to tag along and be part of the discussion & banter, they would like you to drop them a quick email at just to give an idea of the numbers, but this is not mandatory and everyone is free to come.  Hope to see you there!

That's not a bad idea...maybe when I'm typing the 4000th post for this blog I'll do something similar - that's bound to pack em in...   JLP

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